Adaptive Yoga- Yoga is NOT a competition and a reminder that we are ALL different in mind and body. This class IS designed to meet each individual right where they are on any given day. The physical shape that we create will look different on all. This class IS designed for individuals with special needs. 

Chair Yoga- Chair Yoga is the perfect yoga practice for those unable to get up and down from the floor and or those with injuries but not limited to them alone. Chair Yoga welcomes everyone. It is a Fantastic place for beginners. We will focus on moving slowly and intentionally connecting breath and body with the support of your chair. You just might be surprised at how powerful chair yoga is.

Deep Stretch- This class helps you stretch deep into your muscles.  Postures are held for a longer amount of time to allow for extra relaxing.  This class is perfect for all levels from the athlete needing a recovery break to the new yogi trying to find their flexibility!

Deep Stretch and Tea Meditation- A juicy feel good flow to get deep into those muscles.  Postures are held for a longer length of time without resistance to allow you to release deeply.  This class is followed by a tea meditation where you will focus in on the sensory experience of drinking a cup of tea while letting go of all your worries.  This is a great way to start a meditation practice and is suitable for all levels of yogis!

Feel Good Flow- This flow will combine modern music with a fun flow to help you have a feel good happy hour!  A relaxed class for all yogis to enjoy with their community. 

Heated Flow- Heated Flow is an energizing Vinyasa style flow class with dynamic movements to help you build heat throughout your body. This class is designed for all levels, with modifications for newer practitioners and advancements for seasoned yogis. Heated Flow focuses on the linking of movement with breath; challenging you to stay present and centered in your yoga practice. With the added heat, you will notice a rise in heart rate, increasing your cardiovascular fitness. Individuals are surprised at the muscle length they experience in Heated Flow. This class will leave you feeling fresh, detoxified and rejuvenated. Heated Flow could be the next step in your yoga progression!

Basic Flow 1- This is the yoga starting point intended for you to develop a confident understanding of the foundational poses, breath deeper and relax more. We will move slow and simple, giving lots of details.

Mixed Levels Flow- Mindful Morning Flow is a creatively sequenced yoga practice, linking a variety of standing, kneeling, and balance poses, basic through intermediate. This strength and flexibility practice moves at a pace empowered and established by deep breathing. Mindful movement through poses and transitions promote safe alignment, increasing flexibility and building core strength. This class is perfect for healthy yogis with some yoga experience. There is an expectation that you are able to transition up and down from the floor with ease, and take responsibility in the care of yourself as you practice. This tension-reducing practice awakens the mind, body, soul connection and leaves you feeling restored and deeply relaxed.

Rest and Restore- All yoga cultivates an element of relaxation. Restorative yoga purposely narrows the focus to an entire practice—from beginning to end—with deep rest in mind. Our body’s natural relaxation response calms the nervous system and cultivates an effective process towards inner healing while relieving the effects of chronic stress. During our class time, we will explore gentle movement, pranayama (breathing exercises) and use multiple props such as, blankets, bolsters and blocks to generously support and hold the body in passive yoga stretch. As we encourage the body to rest comfortably in stillness and breathe to soothe the mind, we experience a depth of rest that surpasses that of a good night’s sleep!


Flow 2/3- Embrace the day with an integrated vinyasa flow class sure to leave you peacefully empowered (and maybe a bit sweaty). These classes have a dynamic energy and emphasize the unity of breath and movement to create an embodied state of rhythmic flow. Flow 2/3 is a full-spectrum approach to embodying the flow of yoga and these energetic, creative classes are best suited for healthy intermediate to advanced students seeking a yoga practice that enhances physical and mental strength, awareness, fluidity and movement meditation. Not recommended for beginners or students new to yoga.