$75- Monthly Unlimited Auto Renew

$99- Month to Month Unlimited

$59 Student Unlimited Monthly

$135 Monthly Couples Auto Renew

$150 Month to Month Unlimited Couples

$125 10 Class Pass

$65 5 Class Pass

$40 5 Chair Classes

$80 10 Chair Classes

$15 Drop In

$25 2 Week Unlimited Intro Special


Military and First Responders get 25% off class passes


Private Yoga- $70




About Good Life Yoga and Tea

Good Life Yoga and Tea was originally just going to be about tea.  Kristi had explored loose leaf tea and the health benefits extensively, seeing it change her health and happiness.  She began to explore brands and flavors to find the best that she could.  Her daughter Katie was quickly educated and fell in love with tea as a better alternative to the coffee that she was drinking.  They decided to start a loose leaf tea shop to help others start their journey to health and happiness through tea.

They began looking for spaces and found that nothing was fitting the vision that they had for a business.  They wanted a place where people could come together as a community and begin a journey to living a better quality of life.  They reached out to some of their favorite yoga teachers and had them onboard quickly with this same vision.  They then found a space almost immediately, confirming that their vision was needed in their community.  

Good Life Yoga and Tea was then started and will be joining the community of Lee's Summit.  This will be a studio where you will get the mind an body help that you need.  Yoga is about helping you become more at peace with yourself and your world, our classes are here to help you guide you on that journey. Tea is a great practice in meditation and health to complement your yoga practice.  

Katie and Kristi noticed as they practiced they wanted to focus on health and nutrition even more because of the impact those decisions had on their lives.  Good Life Yoga and Tea's tea is a healthy and quality complement to your practice, it can facilitate detoxing, a mindfulness practice and weight loss.  

Good Life Yoga and Tea is here to be your place to stop in to talk yoga, nutrition, and any wellness topics that come to mind! Katie and Kristi are always learning how to live their own good life, they want to share that passion with the community!